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In the serene waters of Kerkennah, an island off the coast of Tunisia, Sarra Souissi stands as a beacon of resilience and inspiration. As one of the few female fisherwomen in the region, Sarra’s journey is not just about fishing; it’s a tale of breaking barriers and nurturing the sea’s bounty.

Her days begin with the sunrise, as she sets out in her modest boat, navigating the Mediterranean waves. Sarra’s fishing methods are a blend of tradition and sustainability, ensuring the delicate balance of marine life is maintained. The challenges are many – from battling gender stereotypes to facing environmental hurdles. Yet, Sarra perseveres, her catch symbolizing not just food but a legacy of harmony with nature.

Sarra’s impact resonates beyond the shores. She’s not only a fisherwoman but a guardian of the sea, teaching and inspiring others about sustainable practices. Her story is a testament to the strength and spirit of the women of Kerkennah, weaving a narrative of hope and persistence against the vast, blue backdrop of the Mediterranean.

Sarra Souissi is more than a fisherwoman; she’s a symbol of unwavering courage, a reminder that the waves we choose to navigate define our journey.

We went to meet Sarra to tell her inspiring story and thoughts. You can watch the full video reportage here:

Meet Sarra Souissi

This video was produced in collaboration with the Earth Journalism Network Mediterranean Media Initiative project.

Mayssa Sandli

Chief Editor and Co-founder of Blue TN. I'm specialized in corporate social and environmental responsibility and environmental activist since 2016.

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