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Khelifa Rafrafi, 64, is a fisherman from Teboulba in Tunisia’s Sahel region. He has been fishing since he was a child and has worked for 45 years. Raies Khelifa has greatly helped researchers and scientists in their scientific endeavors. Hundreds of sea turtles and dolphins have been saved by him. He educates his crew and other fishermen on the importance of biological rest in order to preserve the sea and keep its ecosystem in balance. We went to meet him, and he told us about his exciting adventures and inspiring stories, as well as the threats to our country’s sea, and he delivered an important message to all Tunisians.

This article was developed in collaboration with the Earth Journalism Media Mediterranean Initiative project.

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Mayssa Sandli

Chief Editor and Co-founder of Blue TN. I'm specialized in corporate social and environmental responsibility and environmental activist since 2016.

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